imageDay 56 – I went to bed last night at 19:30 while Dan was in the bath as I’ve had tonsillitis, Nina has an ear infection and Robyn has a cold.

Was asleep by the time Dan came to bed but had to pretend to still be sleeping when he selfishly tried to wake me up by trying it on (twat)

Woke up at midnight as Robyn wanted feeding, quick feed done and everyone was back to sleep – except me.

Went downstairs to get a drink. Came back upstairs.

Considered  suffocating Dan last night as his snoring is relentless and he’s a bed hogging bastard.

By some miracle managed to get back to sleep – I don’t know what time.

Slept through Dan getting ready and going to work.

Nina came in to touch me awake with her freezing feet and show me a battery charging docker which I quickly removed from her grasp.

It’s going to be a long day. 👍🏻


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