What a day…

This morning I finally took my car to the garage to get the wheels fixed.
I decided to walk to Tesco with the girls in the mean time to buy a few things we needed, so I put Bobbi in her pram and Ninas dolly in hers.

^ this sounds really simple, but actually took about 15 minutes as Lucy the dolly ‘wasn’t comfy’😳🔫

The heavens opened and it started to piss it down just as we started the five minute walk, so after a quick negotiation the dolls pram was put away and Nina jumped on her skate board (the buggy board). I opened the umberella thinking I could hold it to keep me and Nina dry (the rain cover was on the pram).

But no. Nina needed to hold it.

What was going to be a five minute walk in the sun turned into a fifteen minute schlep in the rain while Nina battered the shit out of me with that fucking brolly.

We got a bit soaked on the way but we arrived at last. 

The buggy board wheels lock up on supermarket floors for some reason. I don’t know why, but they’re impossible to steer so I asked Nina to walk.

This was completely unacceptable. 

She whined and moaned from the door to the milk aisle ‘I need to get on the skate board mummy’.

She reach a crescendo, sat on the floor and screamed.

She was clearly tired so I decided to deal with this calmly. 

I sat and cuddled and talked her down in the middle of the supermarket. 

Once she’d calmed down we went to pay and got a drink and cake in the cafe. This was a lovely, peaceful break involving a verbal pat on the back from a lady who’d witnessed the discussion on the floor in the milk aisle (restoring my faith in humanity) 

I got the call to say the car was ready, luckily it’d stopped raining, so the walk back was a calm five minute one – phew.

I paid and we left. When we got home, It became apparent that Nina had found the lipstick I’d lost in the car the other day and dolled herself up while I wasn’t looking. Which was nice.

We played with face paints – she was having none of it, but I made a pretty cool spider-mummy 👍🏻

We baked and decorated some biscuits (Nina threw icing all over the living room and popped some in her hair for shits and gigs)

I attempted to tidy up and make dinner to ‘mummy, what’re you doing?’ X 1,000,000.

I moved Bobbi away from the plugs in the wall 145785424678 times.

Everywhere I turned Nina was there with her skooter, just begging to be stood on or tripped over.

Dan tagged me in a post asking if we could get a dog that would warrant carrying a bin bag to catch shits bigger than me (soz Dan, but it’s a no from me 😂)

I think I’ve earned a vodka or two later 👍🏻


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