Why 05:30 – EVERYDAY ðŸ˜­

After the fiasco that was yesterday morning (hairgate) we went on to have a lovely day.

We were those parents that had a nearly three year old physically restrained in the pram all day as we were mentally broken from getting ready to actually leave the house. 

It was lovely, the sun shone all day, my brother came with us so it was lovely to spend time with him too. 

We took the girls off-roading in the Landy – Nina was confused by it and decided she didn’t like it so I kindly offered to sit the second run out (it was absolutely not because I felt sick as a dog from having too much fun being thrown around like a rag doll on the first lap).

I think the final count was five things on daddy’s car got broken (I don’t know how much the jolly bit of off roading fun will have cost us – Dan will probably drip feed me this information over the next month or two so I don’t have a shit fit the next time he mentions bounce bounce smash driving).

After all the loveliness we were running late with the whole bedtime jive so we sneakily found in the night garden on the Internet and tricked Nina to sleep (at 9pm) with it.

We were hoping for a lovely lay in. But it wasn’t to be. She trotted in, ready to run a marathon at 05:30. I was ordered to help chase into a mermaid costume the minute my eyes opened 😳

Reasons it’s ok to get up at 05:30

1. You’re going on holiday

2. It’s Christmas 

3. You have to go to work

4. The house is on fire

5. Zombie apocalypse  

^^^ none of these things were happening today so it was one of the following …

1.  A fly farted near her bed and woke her up

2. There’s a y in the day

3. She wanted to torture us.



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