Attack of the sleep thieves….

Sleep time ended at 04:00 this morning when Bobbi woke for a feed so in I went to collect her from her cot like the dutiful servant I am.

Just as she was drifting back off I heard shuffling outside my door – Nina was awake and mumbling something about her tent.

I went through, the night light was off, it’s was pitch black (blackout blinds are meant to make your kid sleep – clearly that’s bollocks) where I was ordered to lay down and talk about how Nina wanted breakfast after her lovely sleep.

Following negotiations I went and collected her a cup of milk (cold because nothing in the house fucking works).

I deposited it and went back to bed – where Bobbi was wide awake, smiling up at me and kicking her legs. I conceded defeat and we came downstairs.

I employed my beloved Tassimo and went through to find some tripe to watch on the box. Just as I sat down Bobbi squawked.

I picked her up, she cuddled in and passed out leaving me wide awake with a coffee I hadn’t even touched yet.


After drinking my coffee I dozed on the chair for about an hour until Nina trotted down the stairs to come and shake me awake to tell me that the baby in my belly is kicking.

Fucking marvellous. That’s just the compliment I needed kid 😂🙈


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