Leap 6…

So your beautiful cherub is around 34 weeks old (8 months-ish).

They are showing all the tell tale signs of one of those god forsaken, bloody wonder weeks leaps😳🔫

It’s been going on for a few days and you’ve suddenly realised why your little darling is being so bloody difficult – your once happy, smiling baby is shouting like you’ve chucked them in a vat of boiling oil every time you put them down, when you are holding them they’re acting as if your made of fire and they are generally displeased with everything in the entire universe.

It’s weeks like this where the diet goes out of the window entirely – mainly because apart from the fact that you’re exhausted from grappling with your adorable, punchy wrecking ball CONSTANTLY – all day 😭 as talented as you are, you struggle to cook (and eat) a decent meal one handed. 

No one else will do and you’ve reached the stage where at some point you can say that you have tried to turn yourself into a human straight jacket, in an attempt contain your babies rage as you have no choice but to force down some calpol in case it’s teething related, causing them to morph into a little, shouty demon.

Your best hope for the diet is adopting a tape worm called Dennis and your sanity requires you to start ‘eye balling’ vodka. 

Rest assured that although it feels like this has been your life since the dawn of time – it will pass. I’m sure…soon…
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