10 Things I Hate About Soft Play – The Sleep Thief’s Mummy Guest Post

After suffering on Saturday, I did a guest post for a bloggy friend 👍🏻

and another ten things

I’m so excited to be hosting my first guest post and even more excited that it’s by Donna over at The Sleep Thief’s Mummy. Donna rants about everyday life with 2.4 children (whatever that even means) and 2 immortal cats. We’ve been knocking about Facebook together for a little while now and I love her funny commentaries and rants. I’d love to share a gin or two with this woman.

But enough of this talk of gin and onto the post. Soft play, what a gloriously hideous place to spend a Saturday but The Sleep Thief’s Mummy took one for the team this weekend and took on the garish plastic and germ-infested balls (incidentally this is also how you could describe some of the nightclubs I frequented in bygone years). She lived to tell the tale but here are her top ten things she hates most about it. Quite frankly, if my experience is…

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